What to do when your internet speed is too slow

What to do when your internet speed is too slow

If your internet connection is too slow, it’s not usually from you, but your network operator.

Many people do complain about their internet access is too slow. Even with a “high-speed” connection, it takes several minutes before a page is fully loaded.

Apparently, most bandwidth providers don’t keep to the promise of a powerful Internet connection for all customers.

Especially, during peak periods, such as in the morning when people just start work in the office or in the evening, a lower speed is often experienced.

However, without the binding agreement of what is meant by normal, minimum and maximum download or upload speeds, it is difficult to prove whether a provider is systematically breaking its advertising promises.

Before reporting to your provider about their poor service or filing complaint to Ofcom – the regulatory authority for communications industries in the UK, try to find out the possible causes.

Likely causes of slow internet speed

Your devices such as the router may be defective.
The phone line between your modem and the phone jack may be longer than 4 meters
There are heavy apps running in the background
You might have been using an improper power adapter for your modem and/or your router etc

If you think the slow speed is not from your end, then you should notify your broadband company.

But before that, you should make some checks

Find out the agreed speed – Take a look at the contract documents you received from your provider or ask their hotline.
Find out the actual speed – Anyone can measure how fast their Internet speed using free speed test tool online.

Close all open programs on your computer. Start only the browser, for example, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. The computer should be connected to the router by cable (not by radio).

Start the broadband test, and make sure there are no other devices, such as a smartphone or tablet PC having access to the Internet during the test.

When Provider has breached the contract terms

You should first contact your internet provider and they can rectify the fault within 24 hours at no extra charge.

If your issue is not resolved within a day or a couple of days, you should complain in writing to the provider and set a deadline.

A period of seven to 14 days is quite reasonable and should give the company enough time to rectify the problem.

The reason is that network operators usually promise connection reliability that’s not more than 97 percent.

This means that customers have to accept a total failure of eleven days per year. Only after that, they can terminate the contract without notice to switch to another provider.

How to seek for redress

You can contact your provider’s hotlines or fill their complaint form online.

You can also start a live chat with their service employee.

If the two do not work, you can send a letter of complaint to the board of management.

Mark your letter with the subject line: “Board of Management Complaint”.

Just make sure you send your complaint by registered mail. This also ensures that your letter will be read.

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