What are top E-Learning Portals and why?

What are top E-Learning Portals and why?

Studies prove that with the passage of time traditional education may become a thing of the past. As more and more people get access to the internet, the way we study is going to undergo a massive change. Already, so many of us turn to the internet when we don’t know something. What if in the future, all the learning we do, happens over the internet? That future isn’t too scary to imagine or too far away. Though most of us do go to school, eventually a good portion of the world’s youngsters will stay at home and then pursue their education. Rising number of mobile devices users and internet penetration will make sure that this happens. So then, who will be responsible for imparting knowledge? That is where top eLearning web development companies come into the picture. Already we have seen the growth of top eLearning product development companies all around the world, and this trend will only grow in the future. So, here’s a look at the top eLearning product development companies in India and around the world.

Top e-Learning Web Development companies and Their Portals

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is easily one of the most popular eLearning product development companies out there. It started off way before its competitors and hence enjoys a major part of the market share. But, it tops this list not just due to its popularity, but rather due to the quality of the content they post. If you are in school in India, chances are that you have gone through at least a couple of Sal Khan’s videos to understand science and math. The team has successfully created a free paced, easy going, source of information regarding multiple domains. So much so that, Khan Academy can in many ways be considered the industry standard when it comes to material for K+2 students.

If his lectures weren’t enough, the website also provides notes, materials, references and so on. Furthermore, students can ask questions over the comments sections which will be answered quite quickly by the support team. However, one of the biggest advantages that has helped make Khan Academy one of the top eLearning product development companies in the world is their tests and marking schemes. The website offers students a chance to test their knowledge and put their learning to the test, by offering questions based on the topic covered. The website is able to attract younger students with their funny avatars and badges. At the same time, it also provides a lot of courses for technical training and entrepreneurship building when it comes to adults, making it the complete package.


Undoubtedly one of the biggest names in eLearning web development now Coursera is a platform that has effective partnerships with some of the biggest universities and museums in the world. This allows the portal to provide students with access to thousands of free classes on a plethora of topics. Students have the option to browse through all the categories available by simply answering the question, “What do you want to learn?”

Coursera is a lot more structured than other eLearning product development companies in India. Every course comes with a syllabus, format, required background and even at a glance information to help students pick the right courses for themselves. Furthermore, the completion of a course gives you a valid certification which can later be used to prove your expertise in the given field. Coursera’s testing is also quite efficient with several peer-graded papers and objective question assignments.

W3 Schools

A great eLearning development company that focuses on web-design, W3 Schools helps students get started on their way when it comes to coding. The web portal is an incredibly helpful tool when you are a beginner trying to learn about HTML, PHP or even Jquery. The website is entirely free and has dedicated courses related to various aspects of web design and development. Each course consists of various online lessons, tutorials and tests along the way to test their comprehension. At the end, the student can opt for a final test which will evaluate their total performance and understanding. However, this portal does not provide certifications unless the student pays an extra fee for the same.


As the name suggests, this top eLearning web development company focuses on the field of coding and web development. One of the most exciting developments in the field of technology, this portal helps people who have never written a piece of code in their life design and develop applications! The best thing about this eLearning product development company is that students get to pick out their objectives, meaning they get to choose how and what they learn. Therefore, you no longer have to waste your time going over things you don’t enjoy. Rather, students have the privilege to have courses which satisfy their objectives, meaning they get to learn things they are interested in. The web portal goes a long way in making the art of coding accessible to more and more people by providing practical examples and great course material.


This top eLearning web development company is one of the pioneers of online education. Founded in 1995, it has been around to witness the dotcom bubble and even the rise of the smart phone era. Lynda has stood through the ages due to its ability to adapt and evolve to its external environment. This web portal is an immensely useful website that helps people pick up skills related to fields such as technology, business and creativity. Lynda.com now runs under the guidance of LinkedIn, and has tutorials in more than five different languages. To make matters easier, the website also hosts a a subscription-based tutorial library, which users can test using a 30-day trial period. If satisfied, the user can pay the small membership fee and then sign up for the program, which grants them access to thousands of video tutorials on a wide range of topics.


Udemy is another big name in the world of online education as it is a top eLearning product development company that focuses on having lesson taught by industry leaders and experts. Most of the courses on Udemy have highly qualified instructors who have professional experience. The web portal also offers a large number of choices, with the number of courses being as high as 55,000! Furthermore, the website allows you to customize your courses and build one for yourself based on your individual needs. Udemy comes with both free and paid content, and the user has the discretion to choose whether to go for payment, in order to access more content. Also, the portal provides great student discounts making it easier for people to access their courses.


If you feel that you cannot pay for online education, then Alison is just what you are looking for. This eLearning product development company focuses on creating content that can be provided to students free of cost. It boasts of over 10 million happy students all over the world, making them one of the world’s biggest learning resources. The web portal has over 800 different courses on it, in diverse fields such as health, linguistics, technology, business and design. The website also offers course certificates and diplomas which require an aggregate score of 80% to pass.

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