Top Trends For Fashion Sites To Track In 2020 To Get Followers For Instagram

Top Trends For Fashion Sites To Track In 2020 To Get Followers For Instagram

Despite the roaring impact of the pandemic that has shut doors of several businesses and left the others struggling, Instagram is still one of those platforms that are away from this horror. The truth is that this social media platform is trying to help businesses to cope with the ramifications of Covid-19. Thanks to its new features and updates that resonate with the current economic situation. 

If you are keen to know what these features are, a suitable option is choosing partners. You can also maximize the use of stories to achieve the business objectives in real-time. The economic situation and closure of businesses are indeed shattering the hopes and dreams of people. However, Instagram plans to keep the zeal alive with encouragement through the sharing of links; people can look forward to online orders. Even if the customers are not in a position to buy, the concept of sharing links can keep their dreams alive. During this hour of crisis, many customers are eager to support the fashion brands they prefer through the purchase of gift cards.

Access to Direct Messages

Among the other updates coming from Instagram, you cannot overlook the option of Direct Messages. Until now, people could access the DM’s through a mobile application. However, it has now come to the desktop. Instagram has already announced the availability of the desktop version of DM. For multiple brands, access to desktop make it easy for them to handle the social aspect of businesses. If you are trying to boost the relationship with customers and enhance customer service on Instagram, the convenient features of desktop, such as pasting, copying, and personalizing the responses of customers can help.

Creating authentic content

When you relate fashion with this social media platform, the first thing that blocks your mind is getting followers for Instagram. In 2020, you can shun off those organized photos and feeds and makes the images more life-like. For instance, you have posted many of those neat and sleek pictures, showcasing the reel life of models in your fashion brand. 

How about those pictures in which followers can resonate with some actions that they often face in real life? Some of them could be walking up to the car and realizing that you have forgotten your keys. The awe in the face of the model can do your job when you try to make the most of the unedited photos. What is behind the story can drive the interest of people using Instagram. Check a few tips below to find out how you can be more original.

  • Choosing new models people have not seen while showcasing their brand.
  • The aim of using photos and visuals on Instagram should be to coordinate with the audience, instead of focusing on perfect images.
  • Using the carousel post is good enough, but you can still provide the story behind the post to create the touchpoint with the audiences.
  • Tweets can also help your fashion brand to survive.

Principles of Instagram marketing in 2020

Instagram can go beyond what most people imagine when showcasing their fashion brands through this site. Most of the time, you relate this social media platform with glossy shots of models in perfectly-shaped shoes and garments. So far, the story says that over eighty percent of active users are on Instagram, and brands are keen to captivate their audience with this platform.

Consistency is one of the crucial aspects to remember when maximizing the profits of using Instagram for boosting the business. A better option is to lower the updates related to your brand that gets you close to genuine followers than those who can hardly do any good to your brand. Instagram Stories can make your brand shine exceptionally well. Try to involve more and more followers on this platform, but it can remain a far-fetched dream with content that cannot adequately engage the followers.

Followers on Instagram

It is worth knowing the age groups of customers when you are trying to engage more followers on Instagram. Follow the points below to know the age group of Instagram users before targeting them with your fashion brand.

  • More than seventy percent of active users of the Instagram app constitute people below the age of thirty-five.
  • The age group among which this social media platform is more popular is between twenty-five and thirty-four. If your clothesline appeals to this age group, you have a higher chance of fascinating them with overwhelming images.
  • If the audience of your brand comprises young adults, relying on Instagram is the best you can do to create content that is suitable for the target age group.

General hashtags

When the primary target brings you more followers on Instagram, you can focus on using generic hashtags for higher visibility across this platform. Try to find out whether users prefer to follow the comments and likes only without paying heed about the fashion industry on the whole. With generic hashtags, you need to have more patience to get followers that do not interfere with the content you publish.

Using the Explore tab

You are familiar with the versatility of the Explore tab of Instagram as it provides posts to users based on what they prefer. Even though the tab was for general use previously, it is more specific today. When you want your fashion brand on the Explore tab, you should have adequate followers checking your visuals and content regularly. Therefore, you have to make efforts to create followers for your brand and know what they prefer before engaging them for your site.

Know your needs

The year 2020 can move through uneven pavements, primarily due to the pandemic. However, fashion brands can get an opportunity to cut corners once they know how to make the most for the updated features of Instagram. The multiplicity of this social media platform and its feature-rich options can put your brand on the brighter side despite the hindrances it faces. The concept of using Instagram for many brands in 2020, for now, is to encourage the followers and continue winning their trust until business comes back to normal.

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