Top 6 mobile apps that looks like an essential in today’s life

Top 6 mobile apps that looks like an essential in today’s life

The beginning of innovation has denoted its quality in our life, offering the most extreme solace and accommodation. As of late, cell phones have become a fundamental piece of our lives, that is developed to do a particular task.

Android apps are classified into multiple categories according to their needs, and various type of experience.

According to Statista, the current number of smartphone users in the world today is 3.5 billion, and this means 45.12% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. This figure is up considerably from 2016 when there was only 2.5 billion users, 33.58% of that year’s global population.

With digitalization taking place, the utilization of android apps among youngsters is rising too. A large number of youngsters regularly use multiple mobile applications for many different reasons. From staying in touch with friends and family to keep up with the news update, everything is possible now at fingertips.

  1. Messaging App [Whatsapp]: This is a very easy, fast and secure way to communicate with people to each other. Its instant web service with a built-in camera enables people to capture the moment that matters and share it with their relatives, friends, or loved ones.

    It has made doc sharing simple while permitting you to record a message with no issue to type it down. It is completely secure, offering extraordinary protection and security.
  2. Dark Sky: This app helps to check the weather, it gives you accurate weather forecasting information according to your location.
  3. Grocery Delivery App: In this age, people have no time to go to grocery stores physically, from last few years grocery delivery apps are doing much popular, people like to do online order with many popular apps like swiggy clone or zomato clone.
  4. MedWatcher: Medwatcher is an ultimate app developed for the people who need a reminder. It helps to schedule medication and exercise. It gives you complete access to drug description, their side effects and medical uses details enhancing your knowledge on intake.
    This reliable and trustworthy app functionality is well tested and approved by experts. Its collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration makes medical products safer for everyone providing complete information on their side effects.
  5. Food Delivery App: Food delivery apps are a new rage, from restaurant owners making their own food ordering app for you to deliver food while sitting on your couch to services like zomato, foodpanda, swiggy which act as a collaboration platform between the restaurants and clients.
  6. Payment Gateway App: With the emergence of technology, transferring money and going cashless has become extremely easy. With the increasing popularity of online banking and e-commerce applications, we can see peer-to-peer payments as an essential part of the technology. Hence, a mobile user must look for a robust money transfer app.
    Paytm is an excellent example of going cashless and making money transfer easy. From the tea stall to the grocery store next door, everybody accepts Paytm payment, offering many other facilities.

Last Words:

The rise in demand for mobile app development is undoubtedly making people’s life easy and convenient. Every second person is hooked to their mobile phone, downloading mobile apps from all the categories.

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