Social Media and its Impact on People

Social Media and its Impact on People

Stop for a moment with whatever you are doing right now! Take a look around and observe all the people around you. As you go by doing this, you can easily find one thing in common among these people, and that is their heads are submerged into their mobile phones. Yes! This is the ugly truth of our society. People these days don’t even care if someone is talking directly to them or they are at a dinner table, all they care about is uploading stories and what on their newsfeed.  This is because they are trapped by the immense power of social media, which keeps them wrapped around its fingertips. These statements I am making here are not based on personal opinions, but they are backed up by reliable studies, proves and relevant searchers.

According to studies, 90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active social media users. Our generation Z is the most prominent user of social media among them all. The reason being is that our millennials utilize different social media podiums to make a name in this world and to gain recognition. In one survey, conducted by 1,000 respondents, 13-17-year-olds claimed that social media makes them feel more confident, more outgoing and is a significant spirit booster. In addition, to giving teenagers the voice and tenacity that they deserve, social media tends to improve relationships as well.

The Darker Side

Despite all the perks one can reap out of social media, it also has a darker side. Excessive use of social media has gained the attention of many parents and professional psychologists, advocates and researchers to inform people of its consequences. I haven’t even mentioned the rates of cybercrimes that are increasing rapidly. As Professor S. Shyam Sunder, a renowned researcher at Penn State, says, “The types of actions users take, and the kinds of information they are adding to their profiles are a reflection of their identities. Apart, from data leakage, identity theft also remains a severe problem resulting in suicides, murders and proliferating levels of depression, anxiety and stress.

Social media has the power to take one tragedy, mishap or defamation and make it go viral. This has ruined the lives of many people over the past decade. Such content tends to create a digital drama worldwide, leading towards the propagation of revenge pornography, trolling, cybercrime and defamation of brands, personalities and influencers. Due to its nature, social media serves as a theatre for a live audience to enjoy an act of people’s reputation, identities and respect get thrown under the bus, only this drama isn’t an act it’s all real life. How miserable right!

Our younger generation is most likely to fall victims of constant blackmailing, threats and mental illness by fake identities mainly paedophiles, lurking around in the dark to satisfy their disgusting needs and evil intentions. I have not even started on what sort of impact cybercrimes can cause on businesses. It can cause firms to losetheir brand imagein a jiffy! The name which you have spent years to build, through hard work and dedication, poof! All gone!

Fortunately, there is a number of ways through which you can save yourself from such crimes and protect yourself from any identity theft, cybercrime and fearlessly fight the dark side of social media. Follow the tips given below and say goodbye to all your fears:

  1. Put Self-Regulatory Guidelines

Instead of relying on legal guidelines set by government authorities, set your own self-regulatory policies. Get them made professionally through professional content writing services. This will help your business get a direction on what it’s aiming to accomplish and what sort of value it can add to your business plans

  • Invest in a Safe Software

Opting for a modern safe software’s can be a smart thing to do. Even if you are a little tight on budget, save some dollars for installing software that provides safe data storage. Also, educate your employees on cybercrimes and their prevention accordingly, a little awareness goes a long way.

  • Promote Cybersecurity

If you, yourself become an advocate of spreading fruitful knowledge about cybersecurity issues, causes and prevention, then that would decrease the chances of you getting involved in such matters. Hence, be proactive about promoting cybercrime security issues across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Linked-in, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Store Data Online

For more data protection, go for cloud computing, that renders services, models and websites for storing data online rather than on software. Furthermore, create a culture that informs your employees about all the significant steps to take to prevent any data leakages in data collection, safe storage context.

Take Away

There is a positive and a negative side to everything. Similarly, social media comes with a sunny side up front offering the world with countless opportunities and also a dark and a twisty side which is demeaning in every other way. But this blog will surely help you study the impact of it on different angles and also on how you can prevent cyber-crimes caused due to excessive or misleading use of social media.

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