Samsung Series 7 Chronos 700Z5A

Samsung Series 7 Chronos 700Z5A

A serious contender to the Apple MacBook Pro, Samsung’s latest offering provides excellent features and powerful performance all at a price that’s nearly half that of the Pro.

The 15.6 inch Chronos packs a punch with the performance it provides, so whether you’re looking for something for the business user, hardcore gamer or just for recreational purposes this quality laptop could suit you.

With 8GB of memory and an impressive Intel Core i7 2675QM processor it delivers speed and performance, and also includes an AMD Radeon HD6750M graphics card to keep gamers happy. The Chronos resumes from sleep in just two seconds and boots up in an impressive 20 seconds, so if you’re on the go and need to get something done quickly, it could be ideal for you.

The screen has a resolution of 1,600 x 900 pixels which is not enough to qualify as HD but gives you excellent clarity and makes your videos and pictures look great.

It’s packed full of storage and features. As well as a 750GB hard drive, it also includes a DVD drive (sadly, not a Blu-Ray drive), two USB 3.0 connections, a USB 2.0 connection, a multi-SD reader, an Ethernet port and a HDMI connection so you can hook it up to your TV.

The main negative aspects of the Chronos are more in the aesthetics rather than the performance. Unlike the MacBook Pro it’s made of aluminium and plastic, giving it less of a luxury feel. There are also some issues with the keyboard and trackpad area – the sharp edges can get uncomfortable on the wrists and the trackpad has built in buttons which some may find annoying (but there are enough USB ports to use a mouse with the device instead!)

On the whole, the Samsung Chronos includes enough features to stop it going out of date quickly and the superb performance and battery life make it a worthwhile investment.

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