Samsung R610 Multimedia

Samsung R610 Multimedia

The Samsung R610 is a sleek, elegant and superb-performing notebook with much minimalist look and feel and the most cutting edge technology incorporated in it, a product of much innovative research. Some of the special configurations that sets it apart from other notebooks in the market are:

1> CPU: 2.0-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
2>RAM: 3GB
3>Hard Drive: 250GB (5,400 rpm)
4>Display: 16 inches/1366 x 768 pixels
5>Size: 14.9 x 10.4 x 1.5 inches
6>Weight: 6.0 pounds


The black glossy lid is embossed with a small central silver Samsung logo and looks extremely classy. The integrated webcam is hidden well by a black trim bordering the screen. A small blue light on the power button is the only light above the keyboard to make it look uncluttered. The keyboard  is black with white lettering; the touchpad is a normal looking black square bordered in silver. Along the sides, there are some simple port marks with you’ll find a group of blue and green status lights in the front.

Size & Weight

The laptop is a 16” model weighing only 6.2 lb so that it’s not too difficult to carry.

Keyboard and touchpad

The keyboard is full sized with a full numeric keypad. A second function key is located above the right arrow but it is inconvenient, as the home/end and pgup/pgdn keys are forced to share space with the numberic pad. There is almost no flex anywhere with a comfortable touchpad which doesn’t support multi touch functions though. The button presses are a bit noisy.


The R610 has a 1366×768 resolution, suitable for widescreen. The display quality is good enough with a bright LCD and good horizontal viewing angles and average vertical viewing angles. The glossy screen goes great with the glossy appearance of the laptop. It also has much improved color quality especially when the brightness is set high enough to reduce the glare.


For connectivity, an array of ports is present in a conventional fashion. There is an HDMI port and enough USB ports, but no FireWire, Blu-ray. The ports are  well distributed, with the left side carrying the 1USB and the VGA with the exhaust between itself and the HDMI port, audio in/out, and an ExpressCard 54 slot. The right side carries another USB port and the optical drive. The front part has snagged the multi card reader, and the back houses the power jack along with the Ethernet/modem and 2 more stacked USB ports.

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