Laptop Disasters: Evidence Why You Should Take Out Insurance

Laptop Disasters: Evidence Why You Should Take Out Insurance

As with many things in life, accidents can happen. One can haphazardly fall down the stairs, accidently break a zip or unintentionally stall the car.

But an accident, whether it is on purpose or not, can be costly to amend especially if it is an accident with a laptop. Broken laptops can be expensive to fix or replace and as the following disasters indicate, sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry by taking out insurance.

Whatever kind of laptop you have whether it is notebook laptops or a netbook; take out laptop insurance today and cover yourself in case either of these catastrophes occurs. Calamity scenarios that cause hair-pulling rage and screaming-breakdowns include;

 – Violent outburst

We’ve all suffered the dreadful situation when the internet seems to be working at a snail pace, just when you are super busy and needing-to-know something ASAP. But clenching your fist and punching the laptop, or hurling it across the room to release your anger, will not solve the slow broadband rate and will only result in a broken laptop.

– Spilt drink

Juggling a laptop and a glass of liquid at the same time is probably not the wisest thing to do. A screen that is ruined by water will cost hundreds to repair, so when sipping your cup of coffee first thing in the morning and checking your work emails simultaneously- keep your laptop at a safe distance.

– Sitting down on the job

It sounds silly but it is possible to not acknowledge a laptop on the couch and to sit on it. Laptops can come in a variety of sizes and so they can be easily hidden under a sofa arm or blanket. Make sure you rest your laptop on a table or in a case when not in use, rather than just placed on a couch seat. Bodyweight alone can bend the case and ruin the screen.

– Beware of children

In a technologically advanced society, more and more kids these days are growing up alongside iPhones, iPads and iPods. But just because children are learning to use laptops from an early age, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they understand the importance or cost of a laptop.

Always assist your offspring when they’re using the laptop in case they press the keys in too hard or hit the screen by mistake. And believe us it is possible- not mentioning any names but one little monster sprayed a laptop with window cleaner because they thought they would help in the house cleaning!

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