Incorporate Instagram into your web design for the best benefits

Incorporate Instagram into your web design for the best benefits

Marketers and brands are increasingly dependent on Instagram to promote their business and products. The start-up ventures, social influencers, small and established businesses use it to create a personal connection with their customers. Initially, Instagram got launched as an image-sharing social networking site that enables brands to promote merchandise in addition to the website design. Hence, you can enhance the website aesthetics using Instagram.

Today, the brands and business houses know that they require a social media plan. Here Instagram has helped them to modify their approach in designing the website pages. Also, it inspired many website designers to resort to high-resolution and good quality images. Designers are also opting in for a blend of social media and web design tools.

That is not all! Today, the eCommerce owners can add more value to their business websites by linking it with Instagram. Some eCommerce owners also choose from the Instagram design elements and use it for their web pages. It helps to make the website more visual and easier to navigate.

Are you still in two minds about the integration of Instagram with your corporate or eCommerce website? If yes, the following pointers might help you make an informed decision.

  • It helps users to look at your brand with trust

Most brands and businesses aim to use web designing tools to create a website which appears reliable! They also want their websites to look professional. And that will make users visit your site repeatedly for information.

Gradually, you will find that your potential customers are trusting you. That’s when your brand gets increased visibility and a high brand recall value. It will make your potential customers and interested users to buy your products. Other investors and business partners will show interest to join hands with you. When you create valuable business relationships on social networking websites, your brand reaps the benefits. However, harnessing Instagram will take time. And brands and marketers must know that they can’t expect results in a day or two.

Some brands to gain more trust and reliability in Instagram decides to purchase likes and followers. It’s because users think that a brand with more followers is credible. To know more about this, you can check out Insta 4

  • It supports you in business promotion

Business and eCommerce success depend on strategic business promotion. And with Instagram, you can accomplish this task as it’s a reliable platform. You can use Instagram features like stories, highlights, and IGTV to share interesting posts and expand your business scopes. Make sure to add your Instagram profile link to your website.  It will allow your existing and potential customers to know your brand better through the engaging posts you make.

Online users that land on your Instagram profile from your website, often become your loyal customers. You can post about the current happenings in your company. You can convey an upcoming product launch or about attractive discounts and offers through Instagram stories. Also, your customers might reach out to you through comments or direct messages. Once you reply to their questions and cater to the requirements, you create a positive impression of your brand.

  • Instagram and web design integration helps to expand the business

When you have an Instagram business account, you can share inside news about your work culture, factory outlets, leading managers and employees, and many more. You can also share successful seminars and media events. It will help others know all the useful happenings in your brand and create a business opportunity. You might find investors willing to invest in your new project.

You can also share about the security and safety protocols that you are implementing, keeping in mind the current pandemic situation. Instagram has features to help you with this. It will help others to know that you are clued in to the present situation and are trying your best to keep your employees and customers safe. It will help you earn the trust of your customers and encourage than to transact from your website. And if they like their shopping experience, they will write about it on social media. Social sharing helps you promote your business, welcomes more purchases, and translates to more profits.

  • It offers a cost-efficient wat to interact with clients

Instagram functions as a robust platform for business houses. It helps them to create a client base with minimal investment. The entire strategy is cost-effective. Also, when you execute it correctly, it ensures maximum return within minimum time. Companies can promote their brand, conduct events, plan the contests, and also share vital information. It will help them stay relevant in front of potential clients.

The advantages of integrating your company website design and Instagram are many. Now that you are aware of the benefits, it’s time that you opt-in for the same. It will help your users and clients to communicate with your business in an entirely new way. And when you have an increased Instagram follower count, you have an extensive brand reach, which will result in business growth. You can also witness a favorable increase in the ROI.

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