Important Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

Important Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is giving machines the ability to think like humans. Machines are added with human intelligence and are programmed to act and think like humans. Artificial intelligence has innumerable applications and benefits in various fields in the modern times. right from the virtual assistant in your smartphone to self-drive vehicles, AI is present almost everywhere to make your life easy.

AI uses approaches like deep learning and machine learning to make machines capable of doing complex tasks that require human intelligence.

In recent times, AI has been used in many sectors to accomplish and ease out complex tasks with remarkable accuracy. The main aim of artificial intelligence is not to replace humans at the workplace but it is a tool to be used to ease out work and increase the level of perfection.

The following are the important benefits of artificial intelligence

1.    Increased automation

One of the main benefits of AI is it can be used to automate anything like machines, tasks, and processes. It can automate anything ranging from tasks that require extreme labor to the process of talent acquisitions. With more and more automation, it helps in saving time, money and other resources.

For example, there are a number of AI based applications that can help to automate the process of recruitment. This helps to set the HR free from tedious manual tasks and allows them to focus on more complex tasks. 

2.    Increased productivity

Artificial intelligence has become a necessity in the world of business. It is used to manage and solve tasks and problems that require maximum time and effort. Almost more than 60 percent of businesses depend on AI-based applications for increasing their productivity. 

It performs the complex and repetitive tasks leaving the employees to perform other important tasks. AI acts as a tool with the help of which employees perform tasks with ease and perfection. 

3.    Smart decision making

One of the most important benefits of artificial intelligence is to help in making quicker and smarter decisions. AI with the help of big data helps you to give better insights and information about anything that you want. These insights and information help you to take quicker and more effective decisions.

In the process of talent acquisition, Ai along with big data helps you to get all the information and deeper insights about the candidates which helps you to understand whether a particular candidate is fit for the role in question.

4.    Ease out complex tasks

Over the period of the last decade, AI has evolved from simple machine learning to advanced machine learning such as deep learning. This advancement has helped organizations to solve complex issues such as fraud detection, weather diagnosis, etc.

AI has helped payment gateways like Paypal to fight against fraud by identifying fraudulent activities very precisely. 

5.    Disaster management

With the help of AI it is very easy to make forecasts and predictions of the near future and most importantly it helps in predicting natural calamities. AI is of great help especially when it comes to weather forecasting. Accurate weather forecasting helps farmers to take important decisions regarding planting and harvesting. It also helps to make decisions in the field of transportation and logistics.

6.    Enhanced lifestyle

AI  has become an essential part of our everyday life. Right from Siri or Bixby in our smartphones to our smart home assistant Alexa, AI is present everywhere. Amazon studies our buying pattern and with the help of AI suggest products that we might need. AI is constantly making our life easy and enhancing our lifestyle.

7.    Medical applications

Artificial intelligence is used to a great extent in the field of medicine and health. Doctors with the help of AI evaluate their patients and their health hazards. It helps to do clinical diagnosis and suggests possible treatments, medicines, and procedures.

8.    Strengthens economy

AI has helped countries to improve their GDP and overall development. This is a result of better planning, improved efficiency, better forecasting and effective implementation using Artificial intelligence. AI is expected to contribute around 15 trillion to the world economy by 2030. It has also helped countries to strengthen their defense and security services.

Even though AI is considered as a threat by many, it continues to make our life easy and has innumerable benefits and applications in today’s world. It is used in almost all fields, sectors and departments where it helps to solve complex tasks and save time, money and other resources.

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