IdeaPad Y450 Review

IdeaPad Y450 Review

I wanted a laptop that was thin, had a nice design and was light weight. This model is perfect the way it was designed and the black and white colors look professional yet “cool”. The laptop itself is black, however; the touchpad and keyboard are white. The weight of it is only 4.5 .lbs, which really isn’t too much to carry around. My experience with other laptop models in regards to the battery life has varied. With the IdeaPad Y450 keeping the battery charged hasn’t been an issue at all. The primary purpose of me getting the IdeaPad Y450 was for school. Since it runs on Windows Vista, I can use the programs I am already familiar with such as Microsoft Word. This eliminates the need to learn a new operating system and its programs.

My gaming experience has also been excellent with the IdeaPad Y450 as well. This computer is not only loads my games fast but it also displays a crisp, clear picture. With a fourteen inch screen playing videogames and watching movies is just like being at home in front of the television. I love the fact that it will play the latest dvd’s hassle free. There have been times when I have watched movies going back home on the train and the dvd wouldn’t skip a beat.

Another feature I sought out in a laptop was overall disk drive space because I wanted to transfer the many items of my I-pod on to it. With 320 gb hard drive space, there is plenty of room for all of my games, pictures and .mp3’s. Downloading multiple videos and songs from the internet doesn’t cause any issues with other programs running in the background and it’s fast. From the stand point of multimedia as far as audio, video, flash and sound this laptop is one of the best on the market. Just like any laptop owner I to have dropped my IdeaPad Y450 on several occasions. Yet it keeps right on ticking without a dent or scratch on it. I have to give it to Lenevo, they have really created a model that is good across the board. Even a coffee spill on my keyboard didn’t do any damage. I simply cleaned it up and kept working. Later on I realized that if I had another brand, it would have ruined the laptop. Even as technology continues to advance you can rest assured that this laptop won’t be obsolete anytime soon.

Overall I would say that for the price, this laptop is well worth buying. It’s just like having a personal computer that you can carry around. It’s perfect for the first time laptop owner as well. It’s not like you have to learn anything new in order to use it. If you are familiar with computers already, you’ll be able to get on and maneuver with ease through it. With a nice color, sleek design and lightweight build I give the Lenovo IdeaPad Y450 a thumbs up and would suggest this product to anyone who’s interested in getting a inexpensive laptop.

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