How to manage Offshore Software Development Team?

How to manage Offshore Software Development Team?

It is good that you are into the global economy by hiring an offshoring team. Outsourcing IT services is the hottest trend ruling over the world. You can leverage a wide array of talent for all your development projects. But availing these services puts forward the challenge of handling an overseas team. When you hire offshore development team, it works only if you manage to instruct them remotely. Getting your projects done efficiently from an offshoring company requires strategic planning and preparation. 

Here are a few tips that you can implement in your strategy to operate an offshore software development company effectively. 

Start with specifications

The reason behind hiring an offshore team must be apparent to you. Now it is time that you make the team familiar with it. Introduce and clarify your project requirements in a comprehensive way. Explain what you want from your product. What kind of operations is the product supposed to perform; it must be clear to the members. Only then would they be able to deliver the right product. Make it clear to them which functions are critical for the product. You can mention a deadline for each of these features to ensure they are ready on time. 

Establish effective communication

Time and linguistic differences are often barriers in communication while dealing with an offshore software development company. For successful completion of the project, your team must understand your business and its goals clearly. You can achieve this only if you can maintain a seamless conversation between you two. There are many important details to be shared, and a lack of a proper communication medium can lead to dissatisfaction with the end-results. Make use of the latest technologies such as Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, video conferencing to communicate with the team. 

Focus on the agile development process

Out of several software development methodologies present, Agile development is one of the most popular ones. Agile is a technique that allows developers to deliver small chunks of the project in set intervals of time. Therefore, you get sections of the product to be tested and improved. Rather than wasting time in refining the complete product at one time, you can manage different parts of it at regular intervals. You can even handle the time-zone differences. Agile methodology provides you with a shared workspace to connect with your team and operate collaboratively. 

Corporate culture is a must

To ensure commitment and dedication from offshore service providers, you must make them feel a part of your business environment. You should address them in the same way as your in-house team. When they think of themselves as a part of your company, they will respect that position and work as per the standards. Engage in small conversations with the team members rather than just discussing the project. They should be appreciated for their work so that they develop the spirit to give their best. Boosting their confidence levels directly influences the quality of services they provide. 

Do not let them sit idle

Sometimes, an offshoring company may get stuck in between the project because of some issues. What do you expect at such times? Won’t you bother if they leave you with nothing accomplished? Of course, you will. For example, if an offshore web development team has some doubts regarding your webpages, you should be ready with another task in the meantime. If they are not clear about the interface, you can put forward content requirements to cover the time gap. Keep their work schedule busy so that if they stop at one task, they could skip it for the time being and work on the next one on the list. 

Avoid Micromanagement

Remote developers work better when the hiring company trusts them. You need to empower them and have faith that they would deliver the best. If you keep poking your nose every time in even little pieces of work, it will make them think inexperienced of themselves. They don’t like it when you change your requirements and arrange meetings frequently. Also, not providing crucial information beforehand can make them go mad at you and the work. If you are not allowing them the freedom they need to be creative, you are hindering their actual talent. Make them resourceful by avoiding being over-possessive. Let them keep their opinion on the development process and follow the same wherever you can. It enhances their dedication to your project. 

Managing an offshore team becomes very easy if the service provider matches the set standards. With F5 Buddy, emerging as a leading offshore web development center, you can relax after having specified your needs. Our developers are self-managing with hands-on experience in delivering quality products to businesses like yours. We are an expert offshore web development team you would never regret to have on your side. Give us a call to discuss your objectives and expectations of the product. The more you are clear to us, the higher your product stands in terms of quality and norms. 

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