How to Enable Content Locking in WordPress

How to Enable Content Locking in WordPress

Content locking is used by various websites mainly to increase the footfalls in their website, for the purpose of sales and also to build up an authentic list of the email id which can be used in the future to hold the user base together.

Securing a specific piece of content by denying access to people who want to read or view the content unless they sign up with their respective email id is what known as content locking. While this is effective to boost the SEO results as well, the website authority has to be careful about agitating the customers by asking them to register.

The process has to be done very subtly, keeping in mind the psychological triggers of the same.

This article will talk about some simple steps by which you can easily enable content locking for various content is your website. You can also consult the WordPress plugin development service providers in case you are not very comfortable using the digital machine.

1)  Installation

The first step you have to take towards locking your website content is to download and install OptinMonster plugins. You have to create an account here so that the plugin connects you automatically with the OptinMonster and the website you have built via WordPress.

Check whether the plugin is activated. Once you are done, a new page will open up from where you have to select the option of connecting to your OptinMonster account. Authorization of the same account is required; click on the authorize OptinMonster option. Now you have to log in with the details of the credentials.

After you are done, just press the option of connecting to WordPress, and you will be redirected to a page where you can start creating the Optin.

2)  Create Option

Search for an option named as create a new campaign from the new page that has popped up. You can take the help of the WordPress design service to complete this step if you feel it is complicated. You will find various template designs and options under the Inline button.

 You have to select the one you like or that goes perfectly with your website content. The campaign needs to be named, and you have to put in the link of the contents or the website whose content you want to lock.

After you have updated the boxes with all the required credentials, you need to press the start building option as you will now be redirected to customize the Optin now.

3)  Customization

You can change the font, design, colors, and everything that you want. The options are generally available on the left side of your screen. You can preview the various designs and make a confirmed decision before finally implementing it.

4)  Designing

On the page, you will find an option named design. Click on it, and from the drop-down menu, click on the option of inline setting. You will be redirected to another list of options from where you can choose what you want to do with the content while the sign-up option appears before the screen of the users of the website.

You can blur the content or remove the content both temporarily or permanently unless the sign-up process is completed. You have to choose the option wisely so that it does not annoy or irritate the users.

5)  Connecting to the email

The WordPress plugin developmentservice providers will also tell you that connecting to the marketing services of the email is one crucial step in the entire content locking thing since this will help you in the process of building up a base of the email ids.

Take care of the integration and analytics, which you can find in the design tab. Save all the made changes and click on the showed option of OptinMonster.

Also, do not forget that you have to enable the campaigns that you have created on the website. You can make any changes if required from the options you will be getting.

6)  Displaying the lock-

The last step where you need to focus is on presenting the content locking on the website or on the respective contents. Open the page whose content you want to lock from the users. You have to copy the code from the option named shortcode for this campaign from beforehand.

 You have to paste the copied code anywhere on your page. Do not forget to save all the changes and copy-paste you have done.

When everything is ready and looks good, click on the publish option. You will find that the content locking has been enabled and is being posted rightly on all the contents you wanted it to happen.

There are many WordPress design services that perform the actions mentioned above in exchange for some money. It is all worth it!

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