How to clean your phone from all junk files?

How to clean your phone from all junk files?

Each and everything requires maintenance to function properly, your smartphone as well. Just like we clean our house by removing the unwanted things and objects on a regular basis, to maintain a required space, we need to clean our phones also, to maintain the required storage space and good performance.

Now, here comes the question, “How to clean junk from our phones”.

There are two methods of cleaning junk files from your phone. You can do it manually as well, but as it is time-consuming task, hence we prefer to use some good android cleaners.

There are various android cleaners available in the market, and you might get confused in selecting any particular cleaner application among them. Hence, to ease your problem we have sorted some of the best cleaners for your smartphone.

Best Cleaners for your smartphone:

Here are some of the best cleaners for your android device that we suggest you to install.

1. CCleaner

CCleaner provides features such as removing the application cache, cleaning RAM and browsing safely. With this cleaner you can easily get the lost space of your device. It also offers the feature of uninstalling multiple unwanted applications at once. It can also optimize your battery performance by showing which apps are draining the battery and which are unused since a long time. Also you can check ccleaner alternatives and choose one. The cleaner provides with the feature of hibernation by which you can stop the apps that are running in background.

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2. AVG Cleaner

We all know that AVG is a popular name in the field of antiviruses. It also has an android cleaner which is available for free. AVG Cleaner helps you to clean the junk files such as cache, unwanted media files, useless preinstalled apps, and files of previously uninstalled apps. It can also enhance the battery performance of your device by hibernating the applications that you are not using.

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3. Norton

Here is another famous name in the field of antiviruses. Norton also serves as a cleaner for your android device. It automatically cleans junk from your device and can free-up your RAM and storage space. Apart from this feature, it also provides security to your device by scanning and removing apps which have malware and Android viruses that can affect the speed and performance of your device. It also enhances performance of your smartphone by uninstalling unnecessary applications. Norton alerts you from unsafe Wi-Fi connections, and also provides with a feature of call blocking for unwanted calls.

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4. Clean Master – Cleaner, Antivirus, Applock and Phone Vault

Clean Master is a free android cleaner application that can make cleaning of junk files and protection of your device from malware and viruses easier. It can be considered as an all-in-one android clear because of the vast features that it offers. This can be your regular android cleaner app along with the features of an antivirus. Clean Master also provides applock feature that can secure your files from intruders. It also offers a vault that you can use to hide your private files. It removes junk files that are accumulated through ads. Similar to the other android cleaners it also has a hibernating feature that can be used to stop applications running in background to save the battery life of your phone. Apart from hibernating feature it has a feature called “chargemaster” that can be used to monitor and display the battery charge status. Hence, it can be considered as one of the best android cleaner available in the market.

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5. 360o Booster & Cleaner

If you are looking for an android cleaner that can boost the speed of your device, as well as clean the junk files also, then 360o Booster & Cleaner is a one-stop destination for you. It can serve you as a speed booster, RAM booster, cache cleaner, game booster and battery saver. It can enhance your gaming experience as it comes with a feature of game booster. It can also be used to prevent the overheating of device. Hence, it is considered as one of the most complete android cleaners.

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Although there are many android cleaners available on the web for free, you can still clean your android device manually if you want. There are some ways of doing so, such as clearing cache, removing unwanted apps and disabling animations. But, still cleaning your smartphone manually is a time-consuming, tiring and ineffective and also there is no guarantee that this will work every time. Therefore, an android cleaner is required.

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