How can I boost my Youtube video?

How can I boost my Youtube video?

In this time of technology where social media becomes the need of the majority of people’s various new platforms born to connect people with entertainment. Social media is filled with plenty of benefits because social media helps to identify the current news of the country and many more. This online media consists of various capacities and capabilities which facilitate people according to their choice. In this context, Youtube becomes the biggest platform where the community of the whole world connects to each other. 

In India, there are plenty of YouTubers who are doing great business with the company but many YouTubers are still struggling because of their lack of attention in their context. Well, in this article we’re going to discuss who a YouTuber can boost its video. 

  1. Make your channel authorized by Google Adsense

The first and the most important thing that you have to do is to authorize your channel from Google Adsense. Let me tell you that google shows the ads on your video when someone plays your video. 55% of that money is paid to you by Youtube. So, if your channel is not authorized from Google ads then the promotion of your video becomes meaningless. Google not only places ads on your videos but also promotes your videos on their own level. They also monetize your channel so that you can earn a great income from YouTube.

  1. Your title should be a good keyword. 

Make sure while making the video for your Youtube channel that the title of your video should be descriptive and the keyword should be rich. This will help you to connect the audience quickly. This method is one of the most effective methods for the promotion of the video. This will boost your video and place a vibrant change on your YouTube channel. A good title is easy to find. You just have to think about what people search for? Put these titles on your thumbnail. You can also provide multiple thumbnails for better results. Multiple thumbnails help to maintain a large area to cover in online media. This is one of the best ways to increase your YouTube views. 

  1. Optimization of the thumbnail image and use of tags. 

One of the most important things in every video is its thumbnail and thumbnail image. Let me tell you why? When someone opens its youtube and searches for some content then the first thing he’ll see is the thumbnail image of the video. If the thumbnail image attracts him then people proceed to thumbnail. If the thumbnail and its image attract him then he’ll definitely open your video. So, the use of proper thumbnail and thumbnail images will definitely help to boost your youtube video. The use of tags is also a great way to promote your videos. You can tag your videos to a particular media of various platforms. The use of tags is also a great way to boost your views on Youtube. 

  1. Provide good quality content

Every Youtuber properly knows that in youtube media content is the king. If your content is impressive then you’ll get an unexpected result from your videos. So, how can you create good quality content?

Firstly, think about the perspective of the audience. Think about what the audience demands and what they like. If you have a gaming channel then ask your media what next they want to see. This will help you to maintain your current views and subscribers. This will also help to improve the views on your videos. 

  1. Create your playlists

If you work as a professional then you’ll definitely get the best results. Playlist makes your subscribers work easily. It helps to find videos of related content. Suppose you have a teaching channel and you posted 4-5 videos on maths. Then you can make the playlist of those videos. Now, the viewer gets all the related videos in a single place. This will definitely increase the views on the videos. 

  1. Suggest your other videos in a video. 

This method is the most usable and most effective method to boost your YouTube views. Most YouTubers suggest watching their other videos in a single video. This method is the best method to boost your Youtube views. Provide the link of your related videos in a video and recommend those videos to your viewers. Make sure that the link which you provide is related to the current video. 


So, here are the best ways by which you can boost your Youtube views. These methods are the most effective and reliable ways to increase YouTube views. Make sure to post the videos according to your niches. Don’t try to manipulate your niche. Don’t forget to provide unique content to your subscribers and use this method to increase the views in your videos. 

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