Which are Top Solutions for Developing Esports Tournament Website?

Which are Top Solutions for Developing Esports Tournament Website?

The esports industry had immense growth over the past years in terms of revenue generation and viewership. Some many investors and publishers are investing in esports and reaching a large audience. They are contributing to the esports platform development solutions for rapid growth in the business. By 2021, the statistical record of Newzoo shows that the growth rate of the industry will be more than 12% and the number of audiences will reach 557 million. This increasing trend is not limited to esports players but also increases on viewing platforms. There are many popular games involved in esports such as league of legends, overwatch, Dota 2, Starcraft, counter-strike, and many more. These games are played in large tournaments and events and hosted in different countries. 

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Esports are competitive sports, where teams of people are playing games at a professional level. The esports players are contracted to play different types of games with thousands of prizes and money. These games are followed and watched by millions of people who attend the live tournaments on TV or online platforms. A report from Newzoo analyzed that 280 million people watched esports in 2019. 

Esports is enjoyed and played by 80% of the people around the world. Some investors build esports tournament websites for the users to provide them a competitive gaming experience. 

Esports Market

Esports shows its continued growth with a revenue of $ 1 billion and an audience of more than 440 missions around the world. Along with that tournament prize, money increases yearly by 42% and is expected to reach more than 2 million by 2023. 

Newzoo recorded that esports players will be up by 2.8% from 2019. The number of events and local tournaments is also increasing, showing the average revenue to grow to $ 5.27 by 2023. In 2019, there were more than 800 major tournaments that generated $56.3 million in revenue. 

Associations are also rising as the developing service structure of the esports industry. The world esports association organized rules, ensuring about the paid share for gatherings, schedules for fans, publishers, and broadcasters. 

Categories of Esports

Esports games are the root cause of the growth of the esports industry. It involves various games for the audience. There are different types of events, tournaments, and competitions set-up around the world. The top esports genre is as follows:

  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

This genre is known for its real-time strategy games and continues to offer the biggest cash prizes to the users. These games involved huge prize money that attracted a large audience to this genre. MOBA games consist of five members and each player selects their team members intending to destroy the opposing team base. Fortnite, PUBG, League of legends are some of the top MOBA games. 

  • First Person Shooter

This genre is an important part of the esports industry. These games are known for their rising competition in the industry. It involves fighting on a map by teams or individuals. Call of duty and counterstrike are the leading first-person shooter game of recent times. First-person shooter games are simple enough to involve a large number of players in the events. The players aim to shoot, reload the weapon until the enemy is dead. 

  • Fighting Games

Fighting games are popular among the traditional as well as esports games. Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter are some of the popular games of the esports community. Under this, the players attack against the opponents until the fight diminishes or time runs out. These esports fighting games can give a live experience to the users. 

  • Real-time Strategy Games

Real-time strategy games are the base for the growth of esports games. These games are based on a strategy where the players control the force of troops to eliminate the opponent’s side. It runs continuously without taking it in turns. Civilization series, Starcraft are some of the top RTS games in esports. 

  • Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games

The mass multiplayer online role-playing games are the popular esports genre that includes engaging games such as Starcraft Final Fantasy 14, Warcraft, and many more. This genre had a prize pool of $ 280,000 and the fan base of this genre is also created from a range of games and their popular characters. 

Top solutions Available for Developing Esports Tournament Website

Esports tournament website helps the esports players to enjoy the entertaining platforms. Through websites, users can track the games and events of their choice. Esports tournament website is based on high prize pools that attract a huge audience in the tournaments. With the help of features on the website, the players can organize their events. Some popular tournament websites have mobile apps that help track the match and check the statistics of the events. Some of the top solutions are available for the organizers to develop an effective esports tournament website as follows:

Esports Website Builder

As the name suggests, this approach requires website builder sites for developing an esports website. These builder sites help in implementing various features such as social networking, scheduling, reports, leaderboard, etc. on the esports tournament website. They also have website themes and templates available for building esports websites. The organizer just needs to sign up for assessing the website builder benefits for developing their esports tournament website. 


It is another solution for developing an esports tournament website. With the help of WordPress themes and plugins, the organizer can build the website easily. Themes help attract the users and plugins to help develop the functions of the website. There are several features available for developing esports teams, creating community, and organizing events. The organizer needs to buy the web hosting to enjoy the benefits and integrate this on an esports website easily. The only cost included in opting for this solution is themes, hosting, and plugins. 

Custom-Coding Solutions

To get the differentiated feature, the organizer must opt for this solution. It needs to hire a professional expert to implement all the required tools and features on the website. This approach includes those features which are demanded by the audience, which helps the organizers in generating huge revenue. Custom-coding solution includes various programming features that need to follow in the following steps:

  • Wire-framing: For developing a website, web-framing is the first step to follow. It decides the whole structure or frame of the website.
  • Design: Once the structure is framed, web designs develop the look of the website that attracts the audience at large. It develops a user-friendly interface for users. 
  • Development: This step is performed once the design is developed by the users. It includes coding for creating a responsive platform for the audience.
  • APIs: An application Programming Interface is a collection of protocols that analyze the website interaction with the users.
  • Quality Assurance: It shows the actual performance of the website. Once all the steps are completed, quality assurance detects the faults of the designs on the website.
  • Development and Operations: Lastly, this step assures that the software development and technology operations are reducing the entire process of website development.


As stated earlier, esports is the growing sector of the iGaming industry. The statistical records also show that esports is one of the revenue-generating approaches for organizations. There are various games involved in esports that are played by the audience at different tournaments and events. Thus, to attain the profitability in the market the organizers must opt for one of the above-mentioned solutions. 

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