Document Writer: A Productive App For the iOS Users

Document Writer: A Productive App For the iOS Users

Productive features of any app make it exceptional, developer at the Mindspeak Software keeping this in mind developed an amazing product: Document Writer App which is available on the app store!

The first thing that can strike the mind of anyone could be “Why they should buy this app, what purpose will it serve to its users” if you’re trying to figure out all the questions that make you bewildered you’ve landed on the right page.

 Basic Introduction

Document Writer is not just an ordinary app but it is a bundle of FIVE different apps that are wrapped up in one which you can explore only when you install it by paying a minimum cost of around 6$. When you have this app, you can rest assured that you can work with any type of documents that are commonly used in the offices without any hassle of carrying your laptop anywhere you go.

That is amazing news for all the iPhone/iPad users who are always whining about how much of a struggle they face while viewing words files on their phones due to different operating systems. This can be a beneficial product not only for the iPhone’s  or iPad users but also for the people working in offices, school or any layman/laywomen who needs to create/edit rich text documents from their iOS device.

 App’s Features

That was just an overlook of the app, let’s get into details. There are many ways you can use this app to the fullest.

First of all, you don’t need to have super skills to operate this app, you get an easy user interface with all the options/menus which help in navigating through the app.

Secondly, it provides you with all the features that you need to create/edit and share your documents. Document Writer is not solely for creating documents but for creating/editing spreadsheets, Pdf editing/sharing, voice recording, document scanning, pdf converter, and document sharing activities.

The next question that might arouse be “How can you use all these features and how they are different from the other apps.” I doubt after reading you’ll have any query unanswered!

This Document editor feature includes numerous options like:

  • Create, Edit, and view Rich text documents
  • Many Fonts, different styles to try, and font sizes.
  • You can change the text color, align the text to the center or left.
  • Easy to make text Bold, italics, underline, and a strikeout.
  • Importing pictures from your photo library and paste in the document or take pictures from Camera and insert in the document.
  • Access to various bullet styles, formatting auto bullets or numbers.
  • Undo errors by simply tapping on the undo option.
  • Easy copying and pasting.

The spreadsheet editing feature is no less, it covers all the teeny tiny details that might be useful for its user. You can be awed after seeing how the developers tried to make sure to satisfy their clients.

  • You can create and edit spreadsheets that can be opened or edited in Microsoft Excel.
  • Editing features including colors, fonts, different font sizes, etc.
  • Multiple selection operations i.e. copy paste and cut.
  • Easy backup of the created files when created within the app.
  • Easy sharing of the created or edited files.
  • Creating tables.

You won’t realize while working on this app that you are using it on your mobile, it works smoothly without requiring any extra efforts!

That’s for creating the documents/files but now what? How will you be able to share/transfers those files to the desired location?

Document Writer can be your rescuer when you are having trouble sending your files via email from your iOS device due to different OS. Sharing your created/edited files is just a piece of cake with Document Writer. It also allows syncing your documents with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or Sugarsync.

Secondly, as we’re all aware of the fact that Pdfs are the most commonly used format these days, they are mostly known as “Read-only” configuration which can be annoying at times. Figuring out which app to use to edit pdf files can be tiring hence when you have Document Write you can put all your worries away. Converting Microsoft Office files and other document types to PDF and vice versa.

Words won’t do justice to this app, try it on your own and know how amazing this app can bring change to your style of dealing with documents on your iOS device. Though it is very easy to use in case you encounter any issue this product is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and it also provides premium customer support available through email, free of cost, from within the app. 

Available On iPhone & iPad. Download Link: Document Writer

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