Dell Studio 1537

Dell Studio 1537

Dell is a name that associates itself with state-of-the-art technology and its laptops are a mark of excellence which the company had achieved with years of research. The new Dell Studio 1537 is a notebook which lives up to the company’s reputation.


1> The machine contains the noted processor Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 (2,0 GHz).
2> It also has memory of size 3 GB DDR2 800 MHz.
3> The  ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3450 (256 MB dedicated) dedicated graphics card provides excellent gaming opportunities to avid gamer using this laptop
4> The hard disk is 250 GB (at 5400 rpm. )
5> The screen is of good quality with good viewing angles but for outdoor use it is moderate. The 15,4” screen with  a resolution of 1280×800 appears to be glossy, is fitted with LED backlight and looks bright and with eye-catching colors.
6> The optical drive is a DVD burner.
7> The laptop is also equipped with  wireless 802.11b/g which can be upgraded to
8> Operating system: Windows Vista Home Premium SP1.
9>  Extras: card reader, webcam (2,0 Mpx) with integrated mic.


The look and feel of the case is quite impressive. The red lid and silver Dell logo embossed in the center looks elegant with a smooth texture. A silver frame around the wide, glossy screen is seen with a webcam at the top and some thin strips of rubber padding which might not go with the look. The silver border continues around the black speakers and keyboard. The front of the laptop is tapered a little bit with the back shaped deeper to avoid the box-like look. Overall the effect is nice and very catchy.

Keyboard and Trackpad

It has a backlit keyboard which is optional. It is turned on gradually while typing and becomes dim after about 60 seconds without typing to save power. The keyboard is full  and comfortable with a limited array of function keys and no numberic pad. A set of multimedia touch buttons is present. The trackpad is also comfortable to use, It is positioned slightly to the left and comes in a proper size.

Display quality

The display quality is glossy and very good, though the WXGA 1280×800 resolution is rather average. The screen has LED backlights and extremely bright, and so outdoor use  is possible even in direct sunlight. Viewing angles are almost perfect.

The model allows for upgrading which is a trademark Dell computers characteristics. A wide variety of Studio colors and designs are available. Different processors like the T4200 to the T9550, HDDs up to 500GB, displays WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution etc are also available.

Special Features
eSATA ,HDMI,  a biometric fingerprint reader for better security and data access.and Blu-ray (optional), Bluetooth and remote control help are some special features . There’s an integrated webcam for creating videos and a dual headphone jack for multiple users to listen to a audio.

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