Control your Facebook Activity! Can’t afford to skip?

Control your Facebook Activity! Can’t afford to skip?

Control your Facebook activity
Preview to control the Facebook account. Though may, you do have a dilemma now? that is there any way to enable while driving the Facebook account can possible to render some additional features their own.

YES, driving the Facebook account you have uncountable of inbuilt functionality, there thought to scroll the Facebook account. 

However, indeed including all Facebook facility not possible to discuss on a single blog. So driving the article I have associated you here some of the most useful Facebook functionality. 

And, it is true that which all Facebook functions, I am trying to aware you, may among them you have earlier attached them. The most significant aspects here from which all prospects am forcing to aware you, all have played their precious time thought flourishing Facebook.

So lets check now whats need to enable thought designing the Facebook as per the own desired. 

Hence, driving the article I am trying to acknowledge below Facebook functionality. 

Hide birthday on Facebook.
Identify Facebook spammy users.

So, now lets digest each one by one.

Hide birthday on Facebook
Among, three while discussing the hide birthday on Facebook. This is the last and current update which appeared, and significantly Facebook user licked it much.

Thought to associate the Birthday on Facebook, has different versions of setting to enable, such as Only me, Private, Public, Selected users. 

However, appearing all the above additional settings helps to decorate more to a birthday on Facebook. And, when driving to enable Facebook functionality, it is quite simple and quick which does require your longer time stick with.

So lets check How to enable hide birthday on Facebook, and for more additional detail, must-visit above-shared link.

First, after logging into your Facebook page, go to the tab on Name beside the profile pic.
Under the about section, here drive contact and basic info. Here, in the right side corner, a button appeared named Edit your contact and basic info. So click on it. 
Among scroll anyone – public, friends of friends, friends, only me, custom, and see all.
So above have included all significant points, and if desired to render some of the additional information. So must visit earlier shared link.

Identify Facebook spammy users
Most of the time Facebook users stumbled thought driving Facebook that they realize spammy users scratching them head. So this is the best Facebook functionality need to enable if suffering such things. 

Thought, associating together the process, users will have more dynamic control. 

So to deliver the final output herein below which process has included need to follow in the same way. And significantly follow the process as its word.

Very first got to open your Google Chrome internet browser, and visit on the shared link to download and install an extension.
After successful installation go to visit the left-hand side of your internet browser and hunt visitors. Here done the process you will able to view who checked your Facebook profile page today.

However, which process here to check who viewed your Facebook profile today, has several ways. And among them which here has included, this is most senior and having the 100% success rate thought to work.

Wrap up! Control your Facebook activity
Earlier have listed some of the best Facebook functionality, which updates lastly appeared on Facebook. So while driving the included functionality, you will have the self-realization that how the best practice Facebook has designed thought associating themself. 

So while scratching them above listed latest Facebook update make sure to follow in the proper way as it composed.

Thought rolling top to the bottom blog post if you connect with any dispute so make sure to reach the comment box section to get a quick response.

Keep connected with us to get more latest updates- relevant and not-relevent Facebook. 

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