Confused on What Router to Buy for Your Home? Find Out The Basic Tips Here!

Confused on What Router to Buy for Your Home? Find Out The Basic Tips Here!

It’s 2020, and our lives ultimately depend on our wireless internet connections. Commonly know as ‘wifi’. However, it’s almost impossible to go even a week without it. It is possible to get the wrong one for your house. Most of these devices are packed with technical terminology and could be difficult for you to understand. It is creating a high chance for you to investing in the wrong kind of specification.

Keeping all this in mind, here is a guide that has all of it amalgamated in just a few points so that you can get the best whole home wifi solution.

Get Something of 128M Ram or Higher With multi-core Processing Power

What’s inside matters a lot! You need to choose a dual-core or a quad-core processor over a single-core one if you want more than one client servers to run at the same time. In simpler words, most of us are habitual of multiple streamings, downloads, and loading backups. This demands more than your single-core processor. Switching over to a more powerful thing is the smartest way to move.

Alongside a dual-core processor, powering up your RAM is also very important. If you want your devices to run fast and process more in the minimum time on multiple applications, you would usually buy something dual-core or quad-core, paired with high power RAM. The same goes for your wifi. Your wifi has to be equivalent or higher RAM than 128 MB. An ideal RAM for the purpose would be 256 MB, however, buying a 512 MB RAM would be a bit expensive, but if you can go for it, invest in it without any doubt.

Say Noto  Single-band; It Has To Be Dual-band or Tri-band

Your device has to be dual-band or a tri-band to provide you with long-lasting connectivity. What will it do for you? Well, with single-band, the frequency of the signals is 2.4 GHz; however, with the dual or tri-band, the frequency signal will be on 5GHz.

Although the 2.4 GHz provides better compatibility with the older devices, the congestion is a problem and is not feasible in offering coverage to a larger extend. Whereas the 5GHz provides more coverage, is compatible with today’s devices, works better with wifi5 or wifi6, and the congestion is not a problem at all.

Don’t Judge the Router by its Name

When it comes to buying a router for your home, a lot of the brands dedicate their router’s name with the speed of its bandwidth. However, even if it’s an AC1200, AC2500, AC1900, or an AC5400. It says nothing about the kind of speed or match you’re getting. An AC1900 can also out-perform an AC2500. It all depends on the complete package. The way it has been built, by whom, for what purpose, with how much processing power and RAM, and more importantly, the kind of use it has to deal with is essential. These names alone will give you no such perspective when it comes to getting a perfect match. The answer to your concerned question of “what type of wifi router is best for my work?” has to be given, keeping in mind all the parameters mentioned above.

However, one tip we can provide you is to ‘never’ get anything lower than AC1200. You can cross-check the router you own at the moment. If it something lower than AC1200, like AC750 or AC900, Your device is out-dated, and you’re having to deal with an old technology that might be getting in the way of your speed and connectivity.  And it is not suitable for having stability and security for multiple connected devices.

Rely on the Online Reviews Rather Than the Given Numbers

A big mistake we all do while buying a router is of believing in the given numbers. The numbers are not all lie, but in most cases are exaggerated versions of what the device would be able to provide. That too, in all the suitable and compatible circumstances. The best way to avoid such misunderstandings and wrong expectations is to go for online reviews. Youtube is the best medium for such influences. You can have expert and reliable sources, doing the analysis in front of your eyes with your home-like devices and not with the once that are equipped design for performance testing.

A Smartphone App for your Router is Important

In olden days, routers only prefer to have a firmware setup. And you need to have a system in your hand if you wanted to go for ‘settings.’ However, now some modern router manufacturers are allowing you to operate and set up your router via smartphone apps. The apps could be either basic with original features, allowing you only to do the necessary needful. Or the ones that provide advanced setting opportunities.

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