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Google showcases its Chromebook – is this the future of computing?

The world of laptops used to be dominated by Microsoft and Apple, but now Google are venturing into this area with their new Chromebook.

Produced by Samsung, the first version of the Chromebook to go on sale in the UK is a unique product as unlike a PC or a Mac, it doesn’t use a traditional operating system which takes time to load.

Instead everything is run through Google’s browser, Chrome, and the laptop boots up in just 8 seconds. Everything is store on the Cloud instead of on your computer, so if you lose your Chromebook or are without it, you can log onto another one and access all your files.

It only works with programs created by Google, which has positives and negatives. You can’t download viruses for example, but you also can’t install anything which isn’t in the Chrome Web Store. Although the store is quite extensive, it doesn’t feature everything so if you’re a Skype lover or an avid Spotify user, you’re out of luck for the time being.

However, it requires internet access for it to work. So if you’re out and about with it and find yourself in a location without Wi-Fi, you are unable to access any of your documents or files.

Some analysts think that the Chromebook might be a bit too ahead of its time as not everyone is completely comfortable with the idea of having their important documents stored somewhere other than their own private PC but as the technology behind it becomes more widespread this could see a significant shift in the way we use computers.