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How to Do SEO For Mobile Apps

Smart Strategies That Will Help You Turn Traffic Into Customers

The internet has given many new avenues to businesses and entrepreneurs in the world today. More people are discovering the internet for business or just for entertainment. With all of this, there is a big demand for effective tools and strategies that will help you use the internet for marketing your products and services.

When it comes to using SEO for mobile apps, the trick is figuring out how to do it without wasting valuable time or dollars. The best thing about web-based applications is that they can be built and published quickly and easily. Since so many businesses already accept mobile payments, some of them are incorporating this platform to increase their customer base.

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Best travel Laptops to Buy

When looking for a good travel laptop, you should consider so many factors. I remember while I was processing Denmark permanent residence permit, I had to travel to a very long journey to get some documentation to complete the procedure towards acquiring permanent residency in Denmark; I didn’t need much with me on that journey, so I decided to get a good travel laptop, so major factors I did consider includes portability, weight, battery life, storage space and of course price tag.

So let me quickly precede with the best travel laptops.

  1. MacBook Air 13inches

This is a highly portable laptop that weighs 2.96 pounds which is about 1.35KG and it has a storage space of 128GB SSD and embedded with a 1.8 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 Processor. The battery life of this laptop serves you up to 12 hours and the price of this laptop is estimated $740.

  • Dell XPS 13

This is no doubt one of my favourite windows 10 laptop featuring Intel Core i5-7200U 3MB cache, up to 3.10 GHz 8G memory. The laptop is a portable one weighing 2.7 lbs and it comes with a 128GB SSD storage and the battery can serve you up to 7 hours. The price tag is $1039.

  • Microsoft Surface Book

This laptop comes in a very premium design, easy to handle with great portability. Most travel experts do recommend this laptop for travellers, so it won’t skip my list. The laptop is powered with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 processor and comes in a 128GB SSD. It weighs 3.34 lbs and the battery life lasts up to 8 hours. The price of this laptop is estimated $1400.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4

This is another portable Microsoft laptop with great portability. In fact, the surface pro 4 tends to be more portable compared to the Microsoft Surface book because it can also serve as a tablet. However, the laptop weighs 1.7 lbs and comes in with a 128GB SSD alongside a 3 GHz Intel Core i5 processor. The battery life of this laptop can last you up to 8hours and the price goes for $380.

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What Should You Consider When Buying Laptop Insurance?

Laptops may be expensive items for most people, and although the prices can vary, even the cheapest models may be quite a large investment. Whenever you spend a lot of money on one item, the worry is that something might happen to it that can leave you out of pocket. One of the main reasons, therefore, that people may often look for laptop insurance is to protect their investment.

So, what are the main considerations you should make if you decide that you want insurance for your laptop?

  • The first thing is likely to be the premium, which is the annual cost of the insurance policy. Premiums can vary significantly from provider to provider, with some being less cost-effective than others. Sometimes you are offered insurance when you purchase your laptop in the store, but you can also buy it independently, and it may make sense to shop around for the most suitable deal to ensure you are not spending more than you have to.
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Which Laptop Is Right For You?

You want a new laptop but you don’t know which one is best to suit your needs.

Here our quick-fire guide to helping tell the difference between a word-worthy computer and a game-gaining mate.


  • The laptop in question should have a superior high-end graphics card or GPU.
  • It should also have a high performance powerful processor.
  • It needs to have plenty of memory, including dedicated video RAM.
  • It requires a large hard drive to store the games themselves.
  • You’ll probably also need a large high-resolution display which, preferably, should be backed up with HD technologies such as Blu-ray.
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Laptop Disasters: Evidence Why You Should Take Out Insurance

As with many things in life, accidents can happen. One can haphazardly fall down the stairs, accidently break a zip or unintentionally stall the car.

But an accident, whether it is on purpose or not, can be costly to amend especially if it is an accident with a laptop. Broken laptops can be expensive to fix or replace and as the following disasters indicate, sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry by taking out insurance.

Whatever kind of laptop you have whether it is notebook laptops or a netbook; take out laptop insurance today and cover yourself in case either of these catastrophes occurs. Calamity scenarios that cause hair-pulling rage and screaming-breakdowns include;

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