Apple MacBook Pro 13”

Apple MacBook Pro 13”

Though at first sight, the Apple MacBook Pro 13” will not appear to be much different from the previous models, a closer inspection will reveal otherwise.

The 13-inch glossy screen of the laptop is provided with a native resolution of 1,280×800 but it is not upgradable. The 13-inch base model has an immensely attractive colorful display and displays photos and videos with very accurate colors. But the option of an antiglare screen which is available in the 15- and 17-inch models is not offered for the 13-inch screen.

The full-size keyboard is equipped with backlit keys, remaining perfectly spaced and responds to the user’s touch extremely well. An ambient-light sensor has been fitted with it to adjust the intensity of the key backlights while detecting the brightness of the surrounding. The island keyboard has a soft finish, thus making very little sound while typing. The large buttonless multi-touch trackpad, with a glass surface is present on the keyboard deck. Instead of the two-button pad you’ll find on most other laptops, the entire pad on the MacBook Pro acts as a button, allowing you to press anywhere to enact a function; you use two fingers to right-click. One new feature added to it is that if swiped up or down on the pad with two fingers, the page will continue to scroll until it reaches the top or bottom. The user is also able to toggle in and out of full-screen mode while watching a DVD using a nice feature fitted with it. The trackpad is extremely easy to use, allowing users a four-finger swipe to reveal the desktop, view all the windows currently open and also alter programs.

Apple’s iSight camera is installed in the centre of the top of the screen edge, with an indicator light, to warn you when the camera is on. The camera performs commendably, with very little refresh lag, functioning properly under dim light conditions.

The CPU is upgraded fto a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo and graphics card from an Nvidia GeForce 9400M to an Nvidia GeForce 320M chipset.

Apple had unexpectedly not used a Core i3 processor for the 13-inch MacBook,. But clock rates on the Core i3 laptops were 2.26GHz, below the 2.4GHz rate in the Core 2 Duo chip Apple. But then again, Core 2 Duo doesn’t allow multiple virtual threads.

The MacBook Pro is installed with the Mac OS X Snow Leopard OS (version 10.) with the iLife ’09 software suite with iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, iWeb, and GarageBand applications.

The battery life is long lasting for 7 hours and 28 minutes even when a movie is played in loop.

These state-of-the-art features is totally worth the price of the laptop and make for an excellent buy.

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