7 Most Secure Coding Practices in Magento Good to Learn in 2020

7 Most Secure Coding Practices in Magento Good to Learn in 2020

The industry of ecommerce is on the cutting-edge of modernism as it is answerable to a massive generation of customers that demand world-class experience across all channels. The growth of ecommerce outpaces the entire retail growth by an amount of 14.1% vs. 4%. By this there is no doubt that businesses are inclined towards platforms like Magento that includes adaptable content management & customizable security permissions. To ensure the all over good health of websites and fixing minor & major code issues, people are also learning about sound Magento coding standards. A Magento development company out forwards its services for powering their clients’ business websites with robust security.

Sheltered coding standards that are a must to learn

  • Utilizing the latest Magento version – Carrying PHP programming language as the Magento coding language, many people have the idea that the recent Magento version is not aptly secure. This is not true at all as developers continuously fix all kinds of security patches that emerge. The foremost thing you need to do is staying updated regarding the newest Magento patches version.
  • Employing 2FA or two-factor authentication – Magento 2 security extension called 2FA or two-factor authentication offers a layer of surreptitious movement. Only trusted devices have access to Magento 2 backend as it employs 4 varied kinds of authenticators. The built-in extension enables you in improving your Magento admin login safekeeping by utilizing a security code & a password from the Smartphone.
  • Setting a custom path for the admin panel – By reaching out to my-site.com/admin you will be able to access the Magento admin panel. Hackers can easily get into the admin login page for initiating an attack which is why it is important to put Magento 2 security features into proper use. You can put off the entire attack by/admin along with a modified term, for example – Store Door. Even if hackers get to know about your password they will not be able to get inside the admin login page. Simply edit the local.xml file present in Magento 1 & env.php file present in Magento 2 for changing the Magento admin path.
  • Utilize secure FTP – When you are a Magento developer, your Magento coding skills need to be highly proficient or else hackers will be easily able to hack websites by intercepting FTP passwords. This is the reason why Magento best practices include the utilization of Secured File Transfer Protocol and secure passwords that utilizes a private key file for authenticating users. SFTP access is accessible on Cloudways.
  • Disabling directory indexing – If you want to improve your Magento 2 coding structure, you can do that by immobilizing directory indexing. You will be able to hide numerous paths through which all the domain files are stored once you disable the indexing option. Cyber crooks will never be able to access the core files of your Magento powered website with this disabling option. But in case they are familiar about the complete path of the data, they will be able to access your website’s data. Keep yourself informed about Magento coding standards for preventing all these mishaps.
  • Put your money in a proper hosting plan – When you have an ecommerce business, shared hosting is never considered as a recommended option. It might be favorable for Magento startups but shared hosting automatically means that you will be compromising on the security of your Magento store. As per the Magento coding guidelines, you must go with Magento security best practices like Managed Magento Hosting Platform. These options assure robust security with numerous patches at server level. You must
  • Magento security review – You might be a sound Magento developer but you might not be a security expert. You might have knowledge about Magento 2 coding style as well but there are intricacies within the security of a Magento website that you might not be aware about. To keep yourself informed about Magento security updates, you might opt for a website analysis every year for learning about apparent loopholes 7 various security shortcomings. Security experts will perform security scans of the plugins, installed extensions, website, etc.

Final Say

Magento is one of the most vigorous ecommerce development solutions of the current times. This is why Magento developers and store owners place special emphasis on maintaining strict Magento coding standards or else all the invested money might go for a toss. The intervention of hackers needs to be prevented at any cost that you will be able to do as you hire a Magento developer. Contact us today for availing first-rate services.

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