7 Health Hazards of Mobile Phones and their Precautions

7 Health Hazards of Mobile Phones and their Precautions

Every new discovery brings with it some problems. This is the case with mobile phones.  Mobile phones have solved many problems with communication; while on the other hand, they have also created many problems regarding health. The mobile phone has become the need of the day but how bad it has impact on health, very few people know that. 

If the limited use of mobile phones is done, then perhaps we can avoid the dangers of it.  With the arrival of smart phones, the health hazards of mobile phones have increased. Let us discuss the risks of mobile phones to your health if you use them excessively!

Risk of Brain Cancer: First Hazard of Mobile Phone

In today’s time, the mobile phone has become our need.  We have many advantages from mobile phones, but we cannot ignore the loss of them. Brain Cancer is the big health hazard of Mobile phones. Radiation emanating from mobile phones is fatal to our bodies.  The use of mobile continuously for 50 minutes daily can damage brain cells. It is often seen that there are reports that due to radiation of mobile phones, a serious disease like a brain tumour or cancer can occur.  

At the same time, experts believe that to date it has not been proven that a person has a brain tumour or cancer disease due to mobile radiation. 

Infertility: Second Hazard of Mobile Phone

Radiations emanating from mobile and their towers are causing loss of fertility. The fertility of people who talk on mobile or engage in chat throughout the day is being affected. Research has confirmed that the radiation emanating from the mobile and their towers reduces the sperm count in males and reduces fertility in females. 

Damage to the Skin: Third Hazard of Mobile Phone

People who talk on the phone for too long can damage their skin. Using the phone for a long time makes it hot. Long-term exposure to any type of heat increases the production of melanin in that area of ​​the skin, and your skin may look 10 years older than its actual age. You may also become allergic at that place. 

Increase in Stress Level: Fourth Hazard of Mobile Phone

Often people have the habit of using the phone when they lie down to sleep.  But do you know that your mobile phone is an enemy of sleep? Actually, artificial light emitted from your smart phone affects your body’s ability to produce melatonin. Melatonin is a sleepy chemical. So when you are using the phone at bedtime, due to its light, you lose sleep. This would increase your chances of getting headaches and you will start feeling stressed. 

Decreased Immunity: Fifth Hazard of Mobile Phone

If you fall ill again and again, your mobile phone may also be a reason behind it.  Polychlorinated biphenyls are released from mobile, due to which the body’s immunity decreases. 

Problem in the neck: Sixth Hazard of Mobile Phone

If you also have a habit of talking by pressing the mobile phone in the neck for a long time, then change it.  This habit can put you under the risk of text neck disease.  Experts claim that if you talk on the phone like this for a long time, you may have arthritis problems in the long run.  Muscles can be permanently twisted when they become troublesome and severe, which can cause problems in the neck.
The problem b/w eyebrows: Seventh Hazard of Mobile Phone

These days all the options of chat have come.  It is now common to read about new apps for texting available on the Internet. The font of such text is usually small.  Due to the small fonts, people see the phone in such a way that there are wrinkles between their eyebrows. 

Here we have known the hazards of mobile phones, now know how to be careful with the hazards of mobile phones. 

Precautions to prevent mobile hazards

A) How to avoid the radiation of the tower? 
Stay away from mobile towers as much as possible. Ask the tower company to reduce the power of the antenna. If there is a mobile tower just in front of the house, then close the window-doors of the house. Check the level of radiation with the help of a radiation detector at home. Spend limited time in areas where radiation is high. 

B) Keep distance from the mobile at the sleeping time
Do not move the mobile in your pocket at all times, nor sleep under or next to the pillow because the mobile sends a signal to the tower every minute.  It is better to remove the mobile from the pocket and keep it at least two feet, that is, about an arm’s distance. But the best way would be to keep the phone in another room.

C) Use Speaker mode on long calling time
We should try to keep our mobile phone at a sufficient distance from the body. While talking on a mobile phone, one should try to use the speaker.  Also, you should use hands-free.

D) A low signal can also be fatal
Do not talk while the mobile phone is charging. Talking at the time of charging increases the level of radiation emitted from mobile phones by 10 times. Signal and battery in the mobile phone should not be less. During this, radiation increases in mobile phones. 

E) Be extra cautious if the pacemaker is present
If there is a pacemaker in the body, then talk to the handset by making a distance of up to 1 foot. The device in the body produces an electric signal, with which mobile signals can interfere.  In such a situation, they can deliver more or fewer signals to the body, which can be harmful.  In this case, talk through Bluetooth or hands-free devices or by turning on the speaker. Do not place the mobile in the pocket on the side of the pacemaker. 

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