7 Essential Work From Home Productivity Tools

7 Essential Work From Home Productivity Tools

With the COVID-19 outbreak, we are all quarantined and have started working from home. In this situation, either you run your own business or you have at-home job profiles. You do not have an office that is full of colleagues and work productivity tools.

However, there are few tools in the market that ensure quality work and growth even in this situation. Here we have curated a list of best productivity tools that will help you smoothen your daily workload.

7 Best Productivity Tools Of 2020

Money Management Tool

The biggest productivity buzzkill for any businessman is mismanagement of revenue and cash flow. An entrepreneur or business owner always wants a clear picture of his money management.

Wave, the most easy-to-operate tool helps maintain your money management accurately. This is a free tool and users can manage their personal as well as business accounts with Wave. You can send estimates and invoices to manage cash flow, process credit cards, and handle payroll with Wave.

The best feature of this growth-boosting tool is its reports on financial aspects. Users can have a quick assessment of their business with these reports.

Dropbox: Smart Workspace

This is one of the best productivity tools that allows you to focus on the work that matters the most. Dropbox is the ultimate file backup and sharing platform that takes care of all basic functionalities of the virtual workspace so you can focus on your core profile.

A single platform for file sharing and content storage is essential for work from home situations. It also offers robust backup support. It’s a perfect organizer as it brings traditional files, dropbox paper docs, cloud content everything in one place.

You can easily coordinate with your team and push the project forward with everyday essential tools.

FlashScan: A scanning Expert

The FlashScan is the best document scanner app for Android. Scanning documents is a frequent task these days and nothing is best if we get a professional pocket scanner. FlashScan app helps you digitize your documents with ease.

The built-in ultrasmart OCR is a text extract expert and you can even Re-scan or Share text effortlessly. The extracted text can also be translated from English to other languages.

It generates clean and high resolution scans effortlessly. You can sort documents, rename, and delete them easily to declutter your device.

The app also offers accurate scanning of QR Codes and Barcodes. There are professional filters that enrich your scans. There are many more useful features that make this app the best productivity tool of 2020. Download the FlashScan free scanner app.

A Handy Dictation Software: Dragon Naturally Speaking

At any level of work profile, you always need professional write-ups. Dictation software is your go-to solution that helps boost productivity. Dictation is not only for writers but it helps all.

Freelancers, or a business person, everyone needs a dictation tool to save time from tedious lengthy typing work.

It offers speedy and accurate dictation that makes it one of the best work productivity tools.

Rescue Time-Time Tracker

Track and manage your time effectively to reap the success in business. After all, time is money, and keeping track of time always helps you achieve your targets.

While talking about office productivity tools, Rescue time is a must-have time tracker. Count your productivity levels such as very productive, neutral, distracting, etc with this smart time tracker. It’s a free software that you can run on a laptop or cellphone.

With the premium version you can also track offline time. Be aware of your productivity pulse to shine in your career with Rescue time.


Okay, this one might sound too simple to add in our list of top productivity tools but if you use it correctly it can be a game-changer!

Import holiday calendars is your right pick to boost growth. Add appointments, events and much more to manage your regular work. No need to use separate task manager or date-event tracking software if you have this calendar with you.

It also helps you enable notifications for your appointment. You can also differentiate between work and personal appointments. Use color coding to highlight top priorities.

Customer Relationship Management Tool

A full-fledged customer relationship management tool empowers you to trace communications and relations with customers. However, some options can be costly for a small business.

Unproductive and unfocused client communication often decreases sales and overall business. To stay productive, it’s important tostreamline client communications.

Salesforce collates your contacts, eliminates duplicates, and finds social media information. This everything is free up to 2,000 contacts. Increase your marketing sales and clients with this brilliant productivity tool.

Concluding Notes

Whether you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you need smart tools that can effectively boost your performance. Currently, while you are isolated at home with online work, you need a few tools that can outshine your work with office-like means.

Keep your productivity levels high with these best office productivity tools and give your career a much-needed growth.

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