5 Tips to Candidate Experience for your Hourly Workers

5 Tips to Candidate Experience for your Hourly Workers

Workers play a significant role in any business – no business can survive without labor. There is a lot of emphasis on white-collar salaried employment such that most companies are not informed on the best way to entice and recruit hourly rate workers.

Hourly workers are a unique lot because they come with different terms for work. Unlike salaried and contract employees, this individual lot of workers exhibit different attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors that you should beware to recruit them

Well, in this post, we give you some hacks to candidate your hourly workers’ experience so that you improve your business productivity and realize your ROI.

Simplify the job application process 

If you are targeting hourly workers, then as a business manager, you must ensure your job application process is online-based and faster. It should take the job seeker roughly five minutes to visit your business website and apply for the job while in a taxi.

Creating a mobile-friendly website can help you reach many hourly rate workers since most individuals use their smartphones to access the internet more than their desktops. Your job application process should be fast, convenient, and easy for those with mobile phones.

Set a candidate engagement framework 

The procedure for hiring hourly rate workers is a bit tedious. As a human resource manager, working alone can be burdensome, you have to contact the job applicant, arrange interviews, and contact references. The process takes a lot of time. 

You can automate the whole process of recruiting the workers and only set aside the part for building a relationship with the workers on your hands. Automation using employee rostering software saves you much time that you can use to improve your workers’ experience and productivity.

Embrace effective communication 

Effective communication with your job seekers can help you to recruit workers for the business much faster. Ideally, three out of five job seekers confirm that they are likely to apply for a job that the employers engage them during and after the application process.

It means, to get the target hourly worker, you should up your communication strategy and aim at interacting with the job seeker. 

Stick to their schedule

Hourly rate workers are very flexible. While a salaried job seeker may have all the time to visit your business and apply for the job physically, an hourly rate worker may not have all that time. They prefer things done faster.

Therefore, you want to ensure the information you are providing for the job is easy and fast to access anywhere anytime. In case you want to interview the worker, setting a pre-corded online interview will make the job they are applying for even more attractive to them.

Pitch as a fast job 

Most hourly rate workers are not looking for a permanent position. Sure. You don’t expect someone to work in your hotel as a cleaner for the rest of their life. Most hourly rate job seekers are looking for a temporary source of income, maybe to pay their tuition fees or house rent. 

In that case, it is essential that when advertising the work position, you make it look like a stepping stone for the job applicants. The job seeker should perceive the job as an opportunity to gain more experience for their next job. Therefore, you should come up with a tagline that attracts the job seekers to your business.

Final thought

Getting hourly rate workers can be such a challenge for business if it lacks the experience to recruit this group of workers. The set of workers has unique traits that distinguish them from salaried workers.

The easiest way of hiring hourly rate workers is ensuring you make the job application process fast and convenient for them. With these five tips, we believe you are ready to hire hourly rate workers for your business.

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