3 of the best free WordPress plugins for Instagram that help to integrate Instagram with WordPress

3 of the best free WordPress plugins for Instagram that help to integrate Instagram with WordPress

To make a name for yourself on Instagram, you must know how to make the most of the comments section. The section provides the opportunity to interact with your followers and share more information with them about your company, your content, and your products and services as well as about yourself. Since close interaction between Instagram users is the secret of succeeding on the social media platform, you can buy Instagram comments that are relevant and from real profiles to boost your social media presence. To add more power to your social media campaign, you must look beyond social media and integrate your Instagram feeds with your WordPress website so that you can seamlessly move between the media to reach out to the largest section of the audience and engage with them in a much better way.

Integrating Instagram and WordPress is easy by using some of the best free WordPress plugins for Instagram.  

Instagram Feed

When you have your website running, you can display photos from any Instagram accounts and generate multiple feeds for displaying across the website using the plugin. Each feed can display photos from different accounts that help to maintain a constant stream of photos on your website from several sources.  WordPress plugins for Instagram give you enormous control over how the photos display on your website. You can adjust the number of images and even the size to accommodate the desired number of images within a given space. Your visitors can display more featured content from your featured feeds if they want by using the load more button, which is optional.  Regular updates of the plugin ensure it remains compatible with the latest changes to Instagram.

WPZOOM social feed widget

Installing this free plugin on your website will give you access to a widget that has rich features, and you can add to the footer and sidebar as well as insert it into pages and posts. A recent update helps the widget to display Instagram content from any account and not just your own profile. The default widget settings allow you to choose from a one, two, three-column layout for displaying images from Instagram on your website. To display the Instagram content like a horizontal banner across your website, you can use the widget’s full-width mode feature. To create a header and footer area dedicated to displaying photos from your Instagram feed, you must use the WPZOOM social feed widget with full-width mode.

Feed them social

To display content from various social media accounts on your website by using a single plugin, you must use the feed them social plugin. You get a wide range of options as the plugin supports Instagram feeds, Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds, groups, albums and events, Pinterest boards as well as pins, and latest pins. By choosing the premium version of the plugin, you can display Facebook video feeds, and carousels and YouTube feeds. For more options, you must check out a few other extensions. 

While using the free feed them social plugin, you can display feeds from a range of social media accounts of yours as well as other accounts.

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