Day: June 26, 2020

IOS Application Development – Make Use Of World’s Favourite Mobile Operating System

IOS is the world’s most favourite and most advanced mobile operating system. This technology or system continuously redefines what all can people do with mobile device. IOS is used by most of the developers with Xcode IDE and IOS SDK to create dazzling, dynamic and powerful mobile apps. With countless IOS apps already in the market, large number of IOS application development companies are still in their workshops to create new apps for various types of clients and individuals. There is no doubt your mobile just a toy gun without apps on it.

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How to prevent online identity theft?

Technological advancement has made our lives more and more data dependent. There has been a growing need to protect personal data that remain vulnerable to theft due to system breaches. A sizeable population worldwide is a victim of data theft as cybercrimes are on the rise because identity theft is big business, and personal data is in big demand on the dark web. Losing personal data that includes everything from usernames and passwords to banking information, social security number, credit card details, and health IDs can have severe consequences. You can lose your money as well as your credibility might be at stake when your identity is maligned and misused by fraudsters. According to the FTC, about 9 million Americans are victims of identity theft every year due to cyberattacks on databases of governments and business organizations.

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